It is funny that Ant has made mention of mix CDs, as I have neglected this site recently because I got caught up in making my own mix CDs for various internet folk. Nevertheless, I have been informed indirectly that I am a bum and should post more. And what luck! I have just the band for you.

So, The Cat Empire, a band from Australia that mixes all kinds of styles, such as gypsy, jazz, ska, etc., and manages to make it sound cohesive. This particular recording was done in Cuba, and their surroundings definitely seem to have left a mark on its overall tone.

They assert that we should “get so funk-inflicted it’s a crime”. Every day that passes without you listening to this band is a travesty.


From The Cat Empire
The Wine Song – (MP3, 6.8 MB)
Hello – (MP3, 3.5 MB)

From Two Shoes
The Car Song – (MP3, 4.0 MB)
How to Explain – (MP3, 3.3 MB)