If you’ve ever been to rathergood.com, then you may be indirectly acquainted with 7 Seconds of Love (not to be confused with the similarly-named hardcore band). If you haven’t, please go there and watch some of the videos. Most of them have little to do with the band (such as We Like the Moon), but some are basically Joel Veitch’s version of music videos for the band’s songs (such as Ninja).

They are a goofy ska band that manages to have a lot more class, musical skill, and songwriting prowess than any other goofy ska band I have ever heard. And even with their DIY attitude, their audio fidelity is excellent. They do not have a label or have any official pressings, but due to a recent settlement with Coke (a subsidiary ripped off their Ninja song without any credits), they’ve now got the funding for an EP in the works. Plus, the rest of the settlement was given to charity, which is just further proof that these dudes are awesome.

All of their music is available freely from their site, both as MP3s and (for some of them) videos. Left unchecked, I would link them all here, but instead I will trust that you will visit their site if you find these few intriguing.


Submarine – (MP3, 7.2 MB)
First Drink of the Day – (MP3, 6.9 MB)
Kelp – (MP3, 4.5 MB)
Mzungu – (MP3, 4.8 MB)