I’ll admit it: I’m not a big fan of hip-hop. This is probably my own fault though, since the only hip-hop I ever get to listen to comes from dodgy radio stations and those mainstream music video shows and it always sounds rather junky. So it’s just as well I was listening to some indie radio station at like 2AM because I happened on some rather delightful hip-hop.

Wax Tailor is a French artist who samples a huge range of old recordings to build up his music. The recordings usually consist of old radio broadcasts, voice samples of long past and goodness knows what other material. It produces a nice “old record” sound, which is then underlined with a smooth beat and some other interesting things. Kinda reminds me of a toned down version of Frontier Psychiatrist, by the Avalanches (a tune I highly recommend).

So, if you like your hip-hop interesting, warming (at times) and just a teensy bit strange, then load up some Wax Tailor! If you don’t, then load him up anyway, as he does do some of the more traditional hip-hop sounds.


From Tales of the Forgotten Melodies:
Que Sera – (MP3 Sample, 681 KB)
Between Fellows – (MP3 Sample, 294 KB)
Am I Free? – (MP3 Sample, 710 KB)

If you want the more traditional hip-hop:

From Tales of the Forgotten Melodies:
Damn That Music Made My Day – (MP3 Sample, 475 KB)
Where My Heart’s At – (MP3 sample, 713 KB)

If you can brave the Flash, then there is a bunch of other tunes from this album and his other ones to take a look at. Or perhaps you could click here, but I might get in trouble.