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I feel I may sound like a bit of a tosser when trying to describe this song and group. Not because the music is pretentious (far from it), but because the compositions are so tonally rich and captivating that-oh look, I’ve started already. Dangit! Oh well, steer into the skid, as they say.

This is superb. Intricately performed with sparse instrumentation, but deeply expressive at the same time. It’s whimsical and consistently interesting, which is certainly high praise for most instrumental pieces. Although there’s more of a gypsy overtone to this, it sort of reminds me of Christophe Heral’s work on the Rayman Origins soundtrack.

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I am going through a bit of a love affair with period British drama. Having just finished reading about the delightful exploits of the spirited Elizabeth and stoic Mr. Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, I did what most people do instead of reading something they’re being forced to: I watched the film version. Both versions were equally charming, but the film version has an advantage in it being fully scored.

Here is a composition from the film, framed by footage of a lonely and somewhat forlorn Elizabeth, commiserating to her sister, Jane, on the dullness of her life since Jane left. It is decidedly heartfelt, innocent, and very sweet. Good fellow, I count myself as suitably moved by this sumptuous sound!

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Probably the classiest tune we’ve ever had on either/or, though its discovery did come from an old Simpsons episode. Par for course for us! This is still a monumentally lovely piece, and one that’s perfectly matched to the scene they used it for on the show: an elaborate montage of the various children of Springfield switching off their TVs and rediscovering the outdoors. I’d show you the clip in question, but I’m certain that’d make me a filthy pirate. Instead, enjoy a live rendition by the Cleveland Institute of Music Orchestra. Skip to 2:35 for my favourite bit.

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