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Evidently, this week is turning into a bit of an Aussie music fest, but without intervention from Hugh, I’m going to keep going! Until I inevitably forget to keep the trend going tomorrow. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Anyway, the Saints were one of the earliest punk bands in existence, paving the way for others with their wild, buzzing guitars and devil may care attitudes. Granted, this song has bunch of trumpets in it as well so some may not think of it as punk, but screw them: this is awesomely catchy, so go Australia!

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Know Your Product by The Saints on Grooveshark

The same friend that recommended Richard III to me also got me onto this one. I wonder what that person is doing now? Probably not reading this website, I’ll bet!

Anyway, this is a vaguely punkish bit of Britpop, sung under the guise of an unimpressed (and kind of cheesed off) lady. On the one hand, it makes me feel just a little bit meek, but it’s also a heck of a lot of fun. Besides, the guy they’re singing about really does sound like quite the dick!

(aww jeez I hope that old friend wasn’t hinting at something)

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Ladykillers by Lush on Grooveshark

It’s a public holiday for me today, and what better way to celebrate that than with some home-grown music? Unless you’re an Aussie, there is a good chance you haven’t heard this, which is great: I can finally use the punk category and mean it! Self-satisfaction aside, this is some good, ‘ol fashioned punk, uninhibited by any desire to make it radio and pop-friendly. It’s hard, catchy and just a tad bit ridiculous, like all good punk music should be.

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Punisher by Frenzal Rhomb on Grooveshark

I can’t remember if these folks were ever mentioned on here before (and I’m clearly too lazy to use that convenient search bar at the bottom of the page), but I figured that in honour of the bizarre name trend we seem to have going at the moment, I’d post about the tune with the most ridiculous name I’ve ever heard. Appropriately enough, it’s tied to a ridiculous enough concept if you really think about it. I mean, gypsy punk? Really? That’s all moot anyway, because the correct response to that is YES REALLY AND ITS AWESOME THANK YOU.

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They Provide The Paint For The Picture Perfect Masterpiece That You Will Paint On The Inside Of Your Eyelids by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution on Grooveshark

So I’d never heard of this group before, but with good reason: one, they’re from the 60s, and two, they only released one album before vanishing into a variety of different incarnations. Though Jerry Harrison (of Rev It Up fame) was a member, so clearly I’m a fool!

They initially reminded me of Orange Juice, as they both have that kind of early punk feel to their music. The Modern Lovers, though, has a bit of American road-tripping rock through it, making it all kinds of funky. And who doesn’t like that? No one, that’s who.

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Astral Plane by The Modern Lovers on Grooveshark

I sometimes find myself longing for the music I listened to a few years ago, back in the days before my hard drive killed all my music. It was on one of these days where I went “hey, Tiger Army is a pretty neat band. And what a cool name! Let’s download all of that again.” Their psychobilly-ness does not leave me wanting for something more interesting to listen to. Having to pick just one song that is somehow representative of them as a band was more challenging than I hoped, but as a true American, I prevailed! This song is certainly more country-influenced than a lot of their songs, but if that intro doesn’t get you going, then you can just go find somewhere to die. If that album art doesn’t get you going, go die again!

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Outlaw Heart by Tiger Army on Grooveshark

I would imagine any of you who consider yourselves fans of punk music are already familiar with NOFX, but that doesn’t change the fact that this song is hilarious. I can’t claim to be a punk snob as it’s not a genre I’m intimately familiar with, but these lyrics just speak to me. This song is what jumps to mind when someone tells me they are punks because they listen to Blink 182. Punks indeed!

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The Separation of Church and Skate by NOFX on Grooveshark

Music freely available online is always appreciated, even moreso when it means I don’t have to resort to the morally ambiguous hosting of the music myself. There are some folks who believe this is the way of the future, and even though I always end up buying physical copies, the word of mouth potential for free distribution on the internet is amazing.

Now, these dudes ended up on my list while finally catching up on the catalog over at Quote Unquote Records. Folksy, punksy, dudes with heart! I feel so corny saying that. The music is excellent. The recording quality gets a little sketchy on some tracks, and they may get a bit noisier than you want to handle, but it all works out for me. I’m already jamming too many links in here, so just check out their myspace page for links to the various downloadables and such. They’ve got two full lengths and some live stuff available.


From A Rhythm in the Cages
No Lodging For the Mad – (MP3, 3.2 MB)
Dig Too Deep – (MP3, 1.7 MB)
Cuyuhoga Canal – (MP3, 3.5 MB)
Montana – (MP3, 4.6 MB)

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Alright, I’m back. For how long who knows, but here we go, bringing up the lovely Yula again, of Nanuchka, World/Inferno, et al). This time, she’s got a whole different assortment of folks, and though some of it is fairly familiar (Thumb Cinema mostly so, due to it already having been lent to World/Inferno for their last record, though it has certainly evolved into a fairly different song by now), there is a lot of craziness going on here, most notably from the opener, Back Off America, which was almost too crazy to get into, but has since endeared itself to me greatly.

The whole album is available at Woodland Records, which is quite nice of them, though they also provide a means to not only buy a physical copy, but to donate if you enjoy it. It’s fairly similar to what they’ve got going at Quote Unquote Records, which has a bunch more bands I need to get to on here one day.


From Victor
Back Off America – (MP3, 3.7 MB)
96 Yulix – (MP3, 5.3 MB)
Thumb Cinema – (MP3, 6.2 MB)
Magical Acoustic – (MP3, 3.4 MB)

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I figured it would be the height of rudeness to not throw some music at people who are probably bored out of their minds waiting for a Halloween party tonight (myself included), so here is some to whet your proverbial whistle. Tiger Army is a band that, before today, I haven’t listened to in years, and so it’s very refreshing to listen to them again after all that time. They’re a psychobilly band, though having not delved into that genre in even the shallowest sense of the term, it’s easier to classify them as being a punk band, albeit without the socially-conscious lyrics that punk bands are supposed to have. Regardless, the pair of songs I’ve posted are from my favorite of their albums, Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise, and I hope you enjoy them, as they will probably be all you get out of this blog for the next few days. Happy Halloween!


From Tiger Army III: Ghost Tigers Rise
Santa Carla Twilight – (MP3, 6.5 MB)
Ghost Tigers Rise – (MP3, 3 MB)

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